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Weekly Rockstars!

The following students received positive office referrals this week. They each were caught showing characteristics of a true Warrior! We are so proud of them!

Digging into Dictionaries

(9/22) In library this week, students were taught dictionary skills. They were then asked to put them to the test by completing dictionary task cards in small groups. Click the link for more photos!

Creating Neurons

(9/22) 3rd grade gifted students created models of a neuron by researching the various parts, what their functions were, and how they transmitted messages throughout the brain. They created a diagram and labeled each part, and then transferred their knowledge to a 3D model. Click the link for more photos.

Programming Robots

(9/22) Fourth grade stem students built and programmed their own robots using Lego Wedo 2.0. Students were able to use the terminology gained from
coding to discuss how they programmed and debugged their robots. Click the link for more photos.

Weather in MS

(9/19) Students in Mrs. Heatherly's class have been learning about weather. The students researched weather in MS, and used terms they've been talking about to write a weekly forecast for different months throughout the year. The students then presented their findings to the class.

Learning About Landforms

(9/22) Students in Mrs. Chrestman’s class have been studying about landforms, weathering, and erosion. Today, they used sand to create various landforms. Then they simulated the effects of water and wind on the sand to demonstrate the erosion process. It was a messy but fun learning activity!

Tailgating Fun!

(9/19) DTC staff and their families had a great time tailgating before the Homecoming game last Friday! Thank you to our Courtesy Committee for planning this fun event! Click the link for more photos.

Teacher Waffle Bar

(9/22) DTC Courtesy Committee hosted a waffle bar on Thursday to show appreciation to our teachers. They are appreciated a "Waffle Lot!"

Gift Basket Raffle Fundraiser

(9/16) D.T. Cox Elementary students will be selling chances on 2 gift baskets FULL of items from local businesses. The fundraiser will begin on Monday, September 19th, and run through September 30th. Students will bring home more information on Monday. Thank you for supporting DTC!
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