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activity showcase

Activity Showcase

(12/19) Activity teachers will host an "Activity Showcase" on Tuesday, December 19th from 6:00-7:00pm. This is a come and go event where students can show their families what they've learned in their Activity classes this 9 weeks!
The season of bells

Third Grade Musical

(12/6) Third grade music students will present "The Season of Bells" on Tuesday, December 19th at 6:00pm. We hope you can join us!!
4th grade musical

Fourth Grade Musical

(12/6) Fourth grade music students will present "Jingle Bell Jukebox" on Monday, December 18th at 6:00pm. We hope you can join us!!

Jingle for Janitors

(12/6) Santa’s helpers are in full swing on Clark Street! Our “Jingle for Janitors” is off to a BIG start! Keep sending that change in! We’ve got a friendly competition going! Plus, we’re excited to spread a little Christmas cheer to some of the best at D.T. Cox! We will be collecting change each morning through December 13th.

Thank you!

(12/5) A special thank you goes out to Maher's Tough Fit for donating money to PES and D.T. Cox! The money will go towards students' needs. We appreciate you so much!!

Body Systems

(12/4) During Science, Mrs. Heatherly's students are studying different body systems. This week, they made model lungs to go along with what they learned.
finding perimeter

Perimeter Escape Room

(12/1) Ms. Luther's students are reviewing what they've learned about perimeter by completing an escape room by working together and finding the perimeters of different polygons.
animal cells

Studying Animal Cells

(12/1) After studying the parts of an animal cell, Ms. Clingan's students made one. They used fruit by the foot for the cell membrane, jello for the cytoplasm, jelly beans for the vacuoles, twizzlers for mitochondria, and milk duds for the nucleus. Afterwards the students were allowed eat their cells.
squash in the schoolyard

Squash in the Schoolyard

(12/1) Some of Ms. Lydia’s students got to read the story "Squash in the Schoolyard" about a school garden. The students then designed their own garden by choosing their plants, making a shopping list of all the seeds and tools they would need, planning a garden layout, and making a weekly schedule of how to care for their gardens.

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