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4th grade

Fourth Grade Farewell

(5/17) Fourth Graders at D.T. Cox walked the halls for their final "farewell" to elementary school this morning. Students and parents enjoyed a video of their time at D.T. Cox and students were able to sign a banner to be displayed their senior year! We are so proud of these students and all of their accomplishments. They will be greatly missed!

Weekly Rockstars!

(5/17) Congratulations to the following students for receiving positive office referrals this week! Keep up the good work!

Field Day Fun!

(5/17) DTC students had a blast at field day on Thursday!

Senior Walk Through 2024

(5/16) PHS Senior class walked the halls of DT Cox one final time before their graduation on Friday.

Field Trip Fun!

(5/15) Students at DTC had a super fun end of the year field trip to Holy Rollers Bowling!
hall's class

Classroom Awards

(5/15) Students in Mrs. Hall's class voted for their peers to receive classroom awards for things such as avid reader, the most tidy desk award, etc. They had a great time!

Practicing Rhythms

(5/14) Mrs. Brown’s 4th grade classes recently enjoyed a new way to practice rhythms! The students were challenged to bounce a basketball to rhythms displayed on the board. Two handed bounces were allowed for ball control to match the beat with precision!

Parts of Speech Jenga

(5/10) Mrs. Hodum's class practiced language skills by playing Parts of Speech Jenga. Lincoln and Grayson answered the most parts of speech questions right, so they won a prize!

Poetry Skills

(5/10) Mrs. Hodum's class studied poetry this week. They put their poetry skills to work by creating a Mother’s Day craft, and then writing a poem for the special moms in their lives.

Teacher Appreciation!

(5/10) D.T. Cox teachers and staff were treated today with duty free lunch and grilled burgers!! Thank you to our wonderful PTO, the parents who volunteered their time to allow our teachers duty free lunch, and to Clark Vineyard for grilling the DELICIOUS burgers!!

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